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Artist Statement


I search for the connections between the inside and outside space, between the gallery and the urban environment, between the secluded and the open space. For this I question elements of living and being trying to find the sense of human and non-human, of fiction and non-fiction, of life and death. By experimentation and use of biotechnology I create my work with my own hands whereby the labour and repetition of doing becomes part of the process and equally as important as the end. Through this I try to create new spaces of experiences through combining elements or materials, of the inside and the outside, of sense of space, of sense of time. By the use of this I try to create a new language to connect spaces with the viewer, with the place, with its experiences. 


2019-2021 | University of Arts London, CSM. MA Contemporary Photography and Philosophies, London, UK 


2015-2018 | University of Westminster. BA Photographic Arts, London, UK 


Group Exhibitions


Solo Show

2024 | Ecology of Light, CICA Museum, Seoul. South-Korea


2024 | RotterdamPhoto 2024, Keilewerf, Rotterdam. Netherlands

2024 | Symbiosis, Hunderd Years Gallery, London. United Kingdom

2023 | Temporal Collision, SafeHouse 1 & 2, London. United Kingdom

2023 | Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale 2023 , Geumgang. South-Korea

2023 | Silence, PH21Gallery, Budapest. Hungary

2022 | 8x12, _Floor Gallery, Seoul. South-Korea

2022 | Auction for Ukraine, Slash Arts at Penny Jane Gallery. United Kingdom

2022 | Medway Open Studios, HL Darkroom, Rochester. United Kingdom  

2021 - 2022 | University of Arts London: Central Saint Martins Graduate Showcase, Online.  

2021 - 2022 | London Grads Now 2021, Saatchi Gallery, London. United Kingdom 


2021 | What is the ground, Slash Arts Gallery Boat, London. United Kingdom

2021 | A Thousand Normals, Tension Fine Art Gallery, London. United Kingdom

2021 | Final Not Over: Session 3, Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London. United Kingdom

2021 | Homeward Bound, Alexandra Palace, London. United Kingdom. 

2020 | Apiary Studios, I Promise you…, MA Interim Exhibition, London, MA. United Kingdom    

2020 | Big Space Exhibition, Central Saint Martins, London, MA. United Kingdom       


2020 | SALE, Tate Exchange, London, MA. United Kingdom

2019 - 2020 | Travers Smith LPP, CRS Art Awards, London. United Kingdom 

2019 | K Book Show, International Photography Symposium, Nida. Lithuania


2019 | Kensington Town Hall, Parallax Art Fair 2019, London. United Kingdom          


2018 | Old Truman Brewery, Free Range Show, London, BA. United Kingdom   


2017 | University of Westminster, Wall, Page and Screen, London, BA. United Kingdom 


2017 | 508 Kings Road Gallery, Creative 508, London. United Kingdom     


2016 | University of Westminster, Beyond the Frame, London, BA. United Kingdom 

Publications and Media

2021 | Bladderwrack of the Medway, Self - Published 

2018 | “Portfolio Issue Featured Artists”. F-Stop Online Magazine  


2018 | Grotto Heavens, Self - Published 



2021 | This Earth Maison/O, Shortlisted. Central Saint Martins, London. 

2018 | Emerging Talent Awards, Shortlisted. CRS Art Awards, London 



2022 | Joya Air Residency, Sierra María-Los Vélez Natural Park. Spain

2021 | HL Darkroom, Rochester. United Kingdom 

2021 | KE Residency, London. United Kingdom



2021 | 'Spring Forest' in the Sculpture Garden at Slash Arts Gallery, United Kingdom

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