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The Breathing Project
A Research through prototypes 

The Breathing Project is a practice-based research which I’ll be working on for many years, producing multiple prototypes as individual artworks all using the initial conceptual thought and technique applied in their own unique way. The main ending object of this research is creating a room where the walls breath in and out while viewers move inside the space. This concept came from my own experience with asthma and the struggle of breathing that leads to panic, anxiety and feeling suffocated when the breath needed 

cannot be reached. The irregularity of the rhythm of breathing together with these 

moments of searching for breath combine in an attempt to create a room where the 

viewer might experience these feelings in the form of anxiety or claustrophobia, 

recreating this sensation by irregulating the breathing walls or fast-paced breathing to increase this experience. The experience of walls breathing towards the viewer, deflating and inflating the space, hopefully can achieve this as well as become a sensory 

experience. By creating breathing walls I want to experiment with the idea of creating human life in non-human objects maybe crossing the border of human and non-human whereby the aspect of life for a human is projected on a non-human object. However, the technical obstacles for this project are a game of hurdles which is the reason for reducing these into small prototypes each experimenting with technical equipment and creating environments for each prototype to live in, resulting in separate artworks. At the moment three prototypes have been completed which will be described individually. This is the use of the same technical and experimentation this research will continue on until the main ending object can be achieved.

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